Baseball Bets

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There are many types of baseball bets out there and this is the case for everyone including Canadians, visit site for best sports betting site. Also, just because your are from Canada does not mean you have to bet on the Blue Jays! Sure the Blue Jays are the only Major League Baseball team north of the border, but why limit yourself to betting on one team? There are many sports betting websites for Canadians to wager out and you have to pick the right one being a reputable one and having the bets that you want to make.

The most popular of the baseball bets is the moneyline bet. Because there is no point spread when betting on baseball the moneyline is used instead with weighted odds on the favorite in the game. For example, using the beloved Blue Jays, lets say you see a game with odds posted of Blue Jays -140 vs. Yankees +160. This means that the Blue Jays are the favorite in the game with the - in front of the number and the Yankees are the underdog with the + in front of the number with no deposit bonus. Since there is no spread the payout is better for the underdog since they are not favored to win. So, using incriments of $100 even though you do not have to bet that amount, you would have to wager $140 to win $100 betting on the Blue Jays and wager $100 to win $160 when betting on the Yankees. You can see you have to risk more to make less on a wager on the Blue Jays, but oddsmakers have them as the favorite in the game.

Another one of the popular baseball bets is the totals bet. This one is very easy to understand. Lets say that for the game above the total posted by the sportsbook is 8 runs. This means you are betting over or under that the total number of runs scored in the Blue Jays vs. Yankees game. If the final score of the game is Blue Jays 6 Yankees 4 the total for the game is 10 runs, so if you made the over bet it is a winner and if you made the under bet it is a loser. Many times a sportsbook will set a run total with a .5 on the end of the number, so lets say 8.5 runs. It is pretty obvious that a team cannot score ? of a run. Sportsbooks do this so there is no chance at a draw outcome. If a total is set at 8 and the total number of runs scored in a game is 8 then the bet is a draw and you will get your original wager amount back being a draw with microgaming blackjack. Other baseball bets that you can make are future bets, parlays, teasers, and proposition bets, but they are not as popular as the moneyline and totals bets.